All the students who have obtained degree from this college and members of teaching staff shall be entitled to be enrolled as members of the association. Principal can nominate honorary member for 3 years who are interested to contribute towards welfare of institution and community


 Aims & Objectives

Associations shall be a non-government, non-political and non-profit making the college.


1.     To foster the sprit to brothers and comradeship amongst the alumni of the  college.

2.     To arrange and collect funds to finance welfare and other schemes in the college as               approved by the Association.

3.     To arrange social and cultural functions.

4.     To provide a forum for the alumni of the college for exchange of ideas.

5.     To look after interest of alumni of the college.


 Meetings of the Association

Atleast one meeting of the association shall be held during each calendar year.

Office Bearer of BCGCW Alumni Association


1.     President                  :           Principal

2.     Director                    :           Mrs. Mamta Bayla (Assistant Professor in Economics)

     3.     Vice President          :           Smt. Mamta Kumari (Assistant Professor in Geography)

     4.     Secretary                  :           Ms. Vandana (Ex. Student, Narnaul)

     5.     Joint Secretary          :           Ms. Asha Kumari (Ex. Student, Nangal Chaudhary)


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